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Just perfect!

“Alfie has enjoyed every second of this club. Thank you so much for giving Alfie the opportunity as he has learnt so much. The trainer is absolutely amazing and I couldn't have wished for anything more. ”

Eversley School Parent

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We’re delighted with the impact Clubs for Schools is having in primary schools.  Here’s what people have said..

24th May 2017

“I probably shouldn’t say this to you, but we’d happily pay for this service!”

(James, Eversley Primary School)

24th May 2017

“The gym sessions are great. We would love to continue after half term. Thank you”

(Jo, Wootton St Peters Primary School)

24th May 2017

“I would love to continue the tennis club as the children have really enjoyed it and the feedback from them has been great”

(Bethan, Spring Meadow Primary School)

11th May 2017

“It has given me back so much time!”

(Julie, Corringham Primary School)

8th May 2017

“One of the things I really enjoy about Clubs for Schools just how quick it is to use. We’ve been able to trust the providers, the providers have delivered quality, and we’ve been able to bring all the elements together into one place. It’s been amazing.”

(Steve, Hobblets Manor Primary School)

4th May 2017

“We are really pleased with the booking service provided and we are getting great feedback from the parents.”

(David, Prices Risborough Primary)

29th March 2017

“I was very impressed with her and she was very professional- it helped that she turned up, not only on time, but early. We have had clubs where the leader doesn’t turn up at all!”

(Laura, Maryland Primary)

25th February 2017

“This was our first tie with Clubs for Schools and we were impressed from start to finish! The organisation, the content of the sessions, the skills of the coach and the enjoyment of the children were second to none. Thank you.”

(Helen, Staithes Seton Primary School)

20th February 2017

“Thank you for all your help with this, I have been using Abel’s details to log on and play around, don’t think I’ll have any problems – it all seems quite straightforward and am looking forward to using it from Easter onwards.”

(Sally, The British School)

1st February 2017

“It looks fantastic, wow – it is easy.”

(Tracey, Haydon Abbey Primary School)

19th January 2017

“You’ve probably noticed that I’ve set up our free clubs on your website. It’s been so easy and user-friendly to set up”

(James, Eversley Primary School)


21st January 2018

“Loving working with Clubs for Schools, the only thing keeping me from taking more clubs is other commitments.”

(Steven Wood, Independent Coach)

10th January 2017

“Clubs for Schools communication has been great from the start. Schools have been very responsive to the sessions, and have been fully aware of proceedings, providing further successful communication in the set-up of the club. With no hassle and minimal admin, we were able to start 5 new after school clubs giving a great opportunity to showcase our coaches within different schools, and providing individual coaches with even more work. We are able to control the clubs as we wish, and boost numbers by arranging assemblies ensuring maximum success for schools and us.”

(Angelo, Super Star Sports)

14th May 2018

“My daughter is loving the dance club – she comes out buzzing every time!”

(Breakwater, Parent)

5th March 2018

“Hebe has absolutely loved her course so far. She can’t wait for the next week to come around! More clubs like it would be great!!!”

(High Ash Primary School, Parent)

7th February 2018

“My daughter has very little confidence due to her condition and went to the first session very worried but I must say, she came home full of it! She had been given a certificate for trying hard which boosted her confidence immensely. I would just like to thank the coach for investing extra time and patience.”

(Earl’s Colne Primary School, Parent)

1st February 2018

“We like the way we are told by our coach her for the term and updates. Our daughter says there is a lot more to athletics than she realised and she is enjoying learning all of the techniques.”

(St Michael’s, Parent)

1st February 2018

“My daughter was initially very reluctant to go to her Badminton class as she had never learnt the sport before. From the first session onwards she has loved the class, she’s very happy and looks forward to the next class. You’re doing a great job, thank you for offering such clubs that introduce children to a variety of sports and activities.”

(Buckingham Park Primary School, Parent)

30th January 2018

“Erin is thoroughly enjoying her cheerleading club and is very excited about her performance in March.”

(Billingborough Primary School, Parent)

23rd January 2018

“Jade loves her cheerleading class and always comes home full of excitement.”

(Billingborough Primary School, Parent)

22nd January 2018

“Ruby seems very happy and looks forward to it each week!”

(Fleetville Junior School, Parent)

12th November 2017

“He will join every year because he really like the club coaches and their way of training!”

(Coston Primary, Parent)

17th October 2017

“Riley absolutely loves going!”

(St Roses, Parent)

16th October 2017

“My daughter is the youngest at football and loves it. Well done to Jason, it is brilliant.”

(Hatherden Primary  School, Parent)

14th October 2017

“Very happy. My son Samuel is loving his tennis coaching, thank you.”

(St Roses, Parent)

29th September 2017

“Ruby always wants to go and looks forward to it every week”

(Corringham Primary School, Parent)

28th September 2017

“You’re helping to build confidence in my child”

(Oakwood Primary School, Parent)

27th September 2017

“My son seems to love gymnastics and is always happy when I pick him up”

(Long Ditton Infant & Nursery, Parent)

27th September 2017

“Isla loves her gym club sessions and wants me to buy her a leotard”

(Long Ditton Infant & Nursery, Parent)

25th September 2017

“My little one loves the class”

(Avanti House School, Parent)

18th July 2017

“Erin loves the gymnastics sessions. She’s is very fond of her teacher and jumps out of bed every Friday morning to attend.”

(St Matthew’s Primary School, Parent)

18th July 2017

“My son has thoroughly enjoyed the sessions and got much out of them. He has gained confidence in doing things he/we didn’t think possible.”

(Wootton St Peters, Parent)

11th July 2017

“Alfie has enjoyed every second of this club. Thank you so much for giving Alfie the opportunity as he has learnt so much. The trainer is absolutely amazing and I couldn’t have wished for anything more. Just perfect!

(Eversley Primary School, Parent)

11th July 2017

“Thank you for building my daughter’s confidence! She really loved cheerleading club and I hope you will be returning in September”

(Corringham Primary School, Parent)

9th July 2017

“My son loved the classes and has become more confident”

(Westfield Primary School, Parent)

2nd July 2017

“Please please please allow Ronnie to this next year, she loved this and it really changed her”

(St Mary’s Catholic Primary School, Parent)

22nd June 2017

“My child really enjoys the club. I would definitely be interested in signing her up for more gymnastics next year so hopefully there will be enough places”

(Westfield Primary School, Parent)

23rd May 2017

“She absolutely loves it! She couldn’t make yesterday’s session as she was poorly but she will be back at the next session. She definitely wants to book for the next course.”

(Bodnant Primary School, Parent)

16th May 2017

“She loves the activities and she comes home dancing and she shows me what she learnt. Brilliant thanks.”

(Coston Primary School, Parent)

13th May 2017

“My son loves his gymnastics club. He wasn’t keen to try it but now he’s doing it, he loves it. Keep up the good work! Oh and the booking and payment process was easy too.”

(Earlswood Infant School, Parent)

11th May 2017

“James is having so much fun!”

(Corringham Primary School, Parent)

10th May 2017

“My child is loving the cheerleading club”

(High Ash Primary School, Parent)

9th May 2017

“My daughter is really enjoying the routines and is coaching us at home!”

(High Ash Primary School, Parent)

4th May 2017

“My son had his 2nd gymnastics class yesterday, he came home very very keen and excited to show us his forward rolls and headstands. He really likes his teacher too. Thank you!”

(Alderman Jacobs School, Parent)

4th May 2017

He really enjoys going, seeing all his friends, learning new skills and most of all, having fun!”

(Crosshall Infant School, Parent)

26th April 2017

“Brilliant – many thanks – what a great service!”

(Elise, Parent)

4th April 2017

“It was a great sporting activity with friendly coaching.”

(Oakwood Primary School, Parent)

4th April 2017

“My daughter thoroughly enjoyed the club and I hope it runs again next year!”

(Oakwood Primary School, Parent)

29th March 2017

“My daughter had been unhappy one lesson and said she didn’t want to go – so she went to the class and sat and watched. It was lovely that the coach took the time to text me how it went after the lesson and also the lesson the following week. Thank you.”

(St Matthews Primary School, Parent)

28th March 2017

“Charlie loves going and really enjoys it!”

(Henry Mooore Primary School, Parent)

28th March 2017

“My son loved this club – thank you for making it so enjoyable”

(Whitchurch Combined School, Parent)

26th March 2017

“My daughter attended for two terms. She liked her teacher and gained a lot of confidence”

(St Joseph’s Primary School, Parent)