Clubbly is now 100% digital

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If you already use Clubbly, the main thing you’ll want to know is that Clubbly is now a self-service platform: this means you can now find a provider directly on Clubbly without talking to us – you can even invite more than one to provide a proposal to you! You can then agree the finer details and price, confirm the club and away you go.

Feel free to invite providers to register on Clubbly, including any that call you to make proposals to your school. You’ll then find them alongside all the other local providers in your area when you need them.


If you’re new to Clubbly and realise you need a single cloud solution to run all your clubs then WELCOME! You’ve come to the only place in the UK where schools, parents AND club leaders can all do clubs online. And as a bonus, you’ll get rid of all the admin as well. You may never look back!

Just click here to set up your school clubs. It takes just 2 minutes for each club and it’s FREE for schools, so there’s nothing to stop you.

Find out if your school is running clubs by clicking here and tap in your school’s name or postcode.
If you don’t find anything, then please contact your school to urge them to restart clubs as the Prime Minister did on 22nd February! Our children desperately need clubs to help them get back on track.

If you’re new to Clubbly and would like to run clubs, then please just register now to organise your school clubs on Clubbly. You can then make proposals to all your local schools, and more importantly, they will see you when they start creating their own clubs.

You’ll love all the time saving features of Clubbly – automated emails, registers, bookings, payment collection and money sent direct to your account at the end of each month.

Clubbly is dedicated to connecting great schools with inspiring club leaders. We’re focused on simplifying and automating everything to do with school clubs, holiday clubs, wrap around care and anything which is club-like for young children, from netball to engineering and Harry Potter clubs!

Have fun!