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No equipment necessary!

Sometimes the office life can wear you down physically as well as mentally. Mulling this problem through with my colleague Paul, we realised how completely sedentary we had become during the day. Bum on seat. All day except at lunch. So, this is what we do now…

On the hour EVERY hour the office alarm clock sounds. When I say office alarm clock, I mean a small “2 tone” beep from an old school Casio watch of which belongs to one of the office staff members’
wrist. It serves its purpose in more ways than one. The alarm sound prompts an “over enthusiastic” cheer (because we actually now look forward to it), closely followed by a manoeuvre into the horizontal position needed to perform a press up. Each individual often completes 20 on the hour (or 40 if you missed the round before through laziness, or if you were stuck on a call which is normally the only accepted excuse

Push-ups are one of the oldest and most basic of exercises in the book for a simple reason. They actually work, and anyone can perform them in some shape or form. The exercise positions all the muscles in our upper body and builds optimal strength in the forearms, shoulders, and chest. And for the ladies, they will “get rid of the jig” by targeting the upper arms. Not only that, they help build strength everywhere, boost metabolism, make you feel fresh (on the hour every hour), and help towards a rock hard core.

We even had a visitor join us last week – he was inspired (and of course his meeting was on hold, so what else was he to do?).