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Clubbly is a website that automates the whole process of running your extra curricular clubs programme.

You can free yourself from the admin burden and get straight to providing as many high quality engaging and enjoyable as you like. 

No more time wasted; searching for coaches, collecting money from parents, printing off and handing out flyers, managing wait lists, creating and maintaining registers or all the other energy draining admin that is easily avoided with the clubs for schools platform. 


Clubs for Schools is remarkably simple. 


It works for any type of club, whether that’s breakfast basketball, lunchtime lego or after school archery. Any number of clubs, any activity, at any time. 

It works whether you need a new coach or club leader, already have an existing club leader in mind or are using volunteers to offer a free club. 

Any club, any time, any day.

Once you’ve spent 90 seconds setting up a new club and opened the booking, it’s ready to go and parents can book immediately.

Every other step of the process is handled for you from creating and maintaining registers, tracking payments, sending reminders, organising pick up arrangements and much more. 



Step 1: Claim your school

Step 2: Set up each club in less than a minute

Step 3: Download the flyer


Step 4: Sit back and relax – we’ll find you a coach and take care of the rest!

What do you need to know?

Any coach who comes to your school will have:

  1. A DBS certificate that is less than 3 years old that meets the Clubs for Schools policy
  2. A Level 2 certificate in the sport they’re coaching (or relevant experience)
  3. Good references
  4. Public liability and personal indemnity insurance

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