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Do you want to?

  • Inspire children in a lifelong love of a hobby or sport
  • Earn more money
  • Have more control
  • Get rid of all the admin
  • Have better communication with schools and parents

We thought so!

It’s win win. We’ve created a simple model that means parents pay less and yet coaches earn more and eliminates all the admin.

What’s more, as soon as you’ve registered on the website and we’ve carried out our checks, we’ll immediately help by letting the 30 closest schools know you want to run some clubs at their school.


  1. Parents will pay just £3.75 per session* for a club.
  2. Clubs for Schools charge a commission of 20% + VAT and a club fee of £25 + VAT
  3. YOU get the rest

To put it into real terms, take a look at the example below to see how much you could earn:

For a typical 10 week club:


Cost of club (per session)£3.75£4.75
No. of sessions (per term)1010
Number of participants2016
Club revenue£750.00£760.00
Club fee (£25 + VAT)-£30.00-£30.00
20% commission (+ VAT)-£180.00-£182.40
YOUR coaching income (per club)£540.00£547.60

Which means you would earn the following based on the number of children (per session):

Cost of club (per session)£3.75£4.75
No. of sessions (per term)1010
Club fee (per session)£3.00£3.00
Number of participantsPer session feePer session fee

What do we need from you?

We’ve got a simple sign up process online where you can manage everything.

Once you’ve successfully signed up, we will then assign you clubs and actively look for schools for you to coach at.

Before you start, please make sure you have the following:

  1. A DBS certificate that is less than 3 years old that meets the Clubs for Schools policy
  2. A Level 2 certificate in the sport you’re coaching (or relevant experience)
  3. Public liability and personal indemnity insurance
  4. Good references – we will ask you for 3 names during the sign up

What are you waiting for?

Sign up!

*£4.75 for gymnastics, £6 for archery and £10 for fencing